Tuesday, January 11, 2011

政治波谱 (Political Pop!)

Political Pop (zhengzhi popu) is a contemporary Chinese art movement that derives from Western capitalist consumer culture and its style is inspired from Western Pop art of the 1960s.  The artists that subscribe to this movements celebrate and critique the similarities between the ideological power of advertising and the ideological power of Cultural Revolution propaganda. They want to communicate the chaotic political and economic state of post-1989 Chinese society and they do it pretty well!

 Wang Guangyi, Mao AO, (1988)

 Wang Guangyi, Coca-Cola (1990-1993) The Great Criticism Series

 Li Shan, Blue Mao (2005)

Yu Youhan, Untitled (Mao/Marilyn) (2005)

 Andy Warhol, ca (1982), Art and Culture, C. Makos

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